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About The Role

A Senior Area Manager will be self-directed, self-disciplined, high-energy, forward and creative thinking with high ethical standards. He or she will possess strong leadership skills, self efficacy; planning skills, organization, and plan execution skills. He or she will be a persuasive and effective communicator and will be an enforcer of high ethics.

Skill factors include interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, and the ability to predict how the behavior of individuals is aroused, started, sustained and stopped. A Senior Area Manager will possess an understanding of character traits of individuals and what’s important to them as well as an understanding of group dynamics, which includes an understanding of what to expect from an individual one-an-one and how this person’s behavior can change when she or he is subjected to group behavior.

Multitasking skills are essential to the job, as is the ability to perform in a work environment where multiple and frequent distractions are commonplace. The incumbent will be clear thinking and be able to prioritize while working in an environment of constant change.

Computer skills and administrative acumen are required.

Education: A college education is preferred; a High School graduate with two or more years of related experience will be considered. The individual will have strong leadership and people skills.

Experience: Goal setting and identifying the means to attain them is a requirement. Two to three years of hands-on sales experience is a plus.

Working Conditions. She or he will be working in the field and often case will be mobile. The work environment is dynamic and requires that Senior Area Managers (SAMs) are able to work independently without constant supervision. The individual will work out of his or her home.

Mental Demands: A Senior Area Manager will possess character traits such that he or she responds positively to all environments and must have the discipline to work independently with a positive attitude in developing situations.


The duties of a Senior Area Manager for International Systems, Inc. are to meet with the owners of small and medium-size businesses to determine where the owners are in the life cycle of their business and what problems exists which have prevented the business owner from achieving his goals for the business and his dreams in life.

The goal of ISI is to help the business owner profit in business and prosper in life.

The SAM helps the business owner succeed by offering him a 1-3 day “Business Analysis” which is performed by a Senior Business Analyst with one of the ISI-related companies. During this analysis the business owner will learn what his strengths and weaknesses are and what he needs to do to transform himself from a “mom and pop” business to a more efficient and effective corporation with defined functions and responsibilities for both managers and employees, including himself.

Moreover, the SAM will through a series of probative questions seek to determine; what were the goals of the business owner which have yet to be realized, what problems exist within the business which prevents him from achieving those dreams, and what the business owner has done to fix those problems by himself. The SAM presents to the business owner the various professional services which ISI offers through its related companies to achieve his dreams by improving the business operations and profitability of the company, as well as by developing strategic tax plans for long-term tax savings and asset protection, estate planning and exit strategy planning.

The SAM works closely with the Business Coordination department of ISI whose staff of Business Coordinators contacts business owners from our database of over 1 million records, as well as from leads provided to the BC’s by the SAM’s in the field.

ISI is a highly energized sales and marketing company where individual initiative is rewarded with success!

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Will Collins

Senior Area Manager

“I’ve been blessed to be employed here for 10 years. This company gives you the opportunities to make more money and grow and develop yourself within the company.”

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Senior Area Manager

A Senior Area Manager will be self-directed, self-disciplined, high-energy, forward and creative thinking with high ethical standards. He or she will possess strong leadership skills, self efficacy; planning skills, organization, and plan execution skills. 

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People You’ll Meet

Rich Lubicz - Director of Corporate Services

"I've been here since 1993. I have a rewarding position. My department finds and attracts people like you to work with our clients to provide them with the tools needed for them to succeed in business."

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Richard Peisker

“I’ve worked at ISI since 1999. I used to travel 8 states when I worked for Sara Lee for 15 years as a Regional Manager with 4 kids it was tough, made the switch and it was the best decision I could have made- still here.”

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Adam Lubicz

“I’ve had the incredible opportunity to grow and learn within this great organization since 2007. What we do for our clients is truly astonishing, the level of commitment and dedication we bring is second to none. The never ending knowledge, room for growth, and care given to each employee sets us apart.”

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Marrisela Romero

“Since 2015 ISI has not only welcomed me as an employee, they have welcomed me to the family. They have given me the opportunity to grow not only as an employee, but as an individual as well.”

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Candace Woods

Senior Area Manager

“I’ve been with ISI for 14 years. I started my career here as a Business Coordinator. When I started at ISI I had no sales experience but the training programs they offer here are fantastic.”

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